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Posts by Jon C. Olson

Post-supersessionist Analogy between Welcoming Gentiles in Scripture and Homosexual Persons Today

Introduction During the last half century, sexual standards and behaviors in the West have changed dramatically: increased use of contraception, living together without marriage, delaying of marriage, increased divorce, childbearing absent a lasting relationship with the father, redefinition of marriage, and increased approval of casual abortion, casual sex, cross-dressing and other behaviors previously considered unacceptable.…

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Book Review: Bible Gender Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships by James V. Brownson

James Brownson’s Bible, Gender, Sexuality has gained a prominent place in church debates about homoerotic behavior. Brownson asserts that a revisionist view affirming same-sex unions can be just as biblical as the traditional view. However, his major premise is suspect. As Andrew Goddard puts it: Brownson has a commitment ‘to establish a wider, transcultural vision…

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Paul within Messiah, Torah, and Judaism

Paul’s allegiance to Yeshua (Jesus) is often thought to have impelled him to break with Judaism and the Torah (Law).  This article advances a contrary position to the traditional view, maintaining that Paul remained within Judaism.  In writing about circumcision, Sabbath, Jewish dietary laws and meat offered to idols, Paul accepted the authority of Scripture…

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Gentile Yeshua-Believers Praying in the Synagogue: Why and How

Introduction I have been praying in the synagogue for more than twenty-five years-yet I am not Jewish. This essay explains in both theoretical and practical terms how and why Gentile Yeshua-believers may pray the traditional Jewish liturgy in the company of Jews. It is with a measure of trepidation that I discuss how Jewish and…

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Twelve Ethical Interpretations for Matthew 1:1-2

This essay honors a traditional Jewish interpretive style used with the Torah, by imitating it with respect to the New Covenant scriptures. The twelve interpretations illustrate that God’s Word is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and instruction. My fanciful elaborations exalt the giver of the Word, much as the fanciful multiplication of the ten plagues…

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Reflections On Michael Wyschogrod’s Critique Of Jewish Christianity

Is there any merit in an Orthodox Jew’s theological objections to Jewish Christianity? Much, in every way! Can believers in Yeshua agree with all these objections, and still be faithful? By no means! However, in several instances, the objections are closer to the truth than what they resist. Resources for responses of faith­ful discipleship already…

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