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The Centrality of Community and History to the Messianic Jewish Narrative

Foundations In contrast to current thinking, according to Scripture God expects a person’s response to him to emerge within the context of community—be it Israel or the community of the Messiah. So it logically follows that God’s voice cannot be fully “answered” by estranged or isolated individuals. It would appear to be possible, however, for…

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A Response to “It’s Not Your Meat”: Dr. John Fischer

In the interest of complete disclosure, and for the sake of transparency, I have to admit at the very outset of this response paper that I am deeply troubled about Paul Saal’s paper. I have a serious difficulty with it and with its argument, and because of this I am uncertain as to how to…

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The Conversion of Gentiles

Messianic Judaism has tended to be future-oriented since its first appearance (or re-emergence) on the stage of modern history. This future orientation has two aspects: generational and eschatological. We are concerned that we not only have Jewish children, but Jewish grandchildren and great grandchildren as well. As we pray daily in the synagogue, “as for…

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