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Posts by Richard Harvey

The Conversion of Non-Jews to Messianic Judaism: A Test-Case of Membership and Identity in a New Religious Movement

  Paper presented at the World Union of Jewish Studies Hebrew University, Jerusalem, July 28, 2013.1 Introduction The topic of conversion to Judaism is of great significance in discussion of Jewish identity. Conversion, the process by which non-Jews become Jews, has always occupied an important place on the Jewish agenda. From a theoretical standpoint, conversion…

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A Messianic Jew Looks at Luther

For five years now Luther’s writings and impact on the Jewish people have burdened me. I have visited Wittenberg three times to protest at the continued offence of the Judensau (Jew-Pig) sculpture on the wall of the Stadtkirche where Luther preached.1 I have written two books, the recently-released Luther and the Jews: Putting Right the…

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