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Kesher 25-Year Index

  TITLE AUTHOR(S) SEASON & YEAR ISSUE /PAGE BIBLE Abraham, Hospitality Man David J. Rudolph Summer/Fall 2006 21/1 Beginning with the End: the Place of Eschatology in the Messianic Judaism Canonical Narrative Mark S. Kinzer Winter/Spring 2018 32/45 Cracking “The Bible Code” Robert C. Newman Winter 1999 8/112 Do You See What I See? An…

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From the Editor – Issue 30

Dear Kesher Friends, The bulk of this issue comes out of the papers that were delivered at Hashivenu Forum 2016 which focused on Sexuality. It was not too long ago that questions of the place of LBGTQ singles and couples were a taboo topic within Messianic Jewish circles. And it still remains so in many…

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From the Editor – Issue 25

The majority of the articles in this issue are drawn from the proceedings of the Helsinki Consultation on Jewish Continuity in the Body of Messiah that took place on June 14-15, 2010. These meetings in Heslinki were groundbreakers and participants included six Messianic Jews, three Catholic priests, one Lutheran, two Russian Orthodox intellectuals, one Russian…

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From the Editor – Issue 21

The Summer/Fall 2006 edition of Kesher is a theme issue dedicated to outreach in the context of Messianic Judaism. Some articles focus on the biblical teachings and theology of outreach, while others center on the practical outworking of outreach. All the articles take into account the individual and communal dimensions of outreach and provide insight…

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From the Editor – Issue 16

This journal is a testimony to the maturity of the Messianic Movement and the growing influence of messian­ic leaders and scholars in the academy, the church and synagogue, and the wider Jewish world. Our contributors and subscribers are from a variety of backgrounds: some are messianic, while others are interested in the distinct voice of…

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