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Posts by Hanoch Ben Keshet

Does Messianic Judaism Have a Part in Rebuilding the Temple?

Introduction Hashem’s wilderness Tabernacle (Mishkan) and later Temple (Mikdash) feature prominently in the Tanakh, and by all accounts the Temple remained a focal point of Yeshua’s concern throughout his ministry. Yet Yeshua prophesied the Temple’s ruin (Luke 21:6), and its destruction a generation later in CE 70 has been taken by supersessionists to signify the…

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Ezekiel 36:25-27 as the Besorah for Israel

Less than a century after the second Temple’s destruction two respected sages, R. Jose and R. Meir,1 apparently viewed Ezekiel 36:25 as a national eschatological marker for Israel. Our Rabbis taught: Mamzerim and Nethinim will become pure in the future:2 this is R. Jose’s view. R. Meir said: They will not become pure. Said R.…

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