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Posts by Vered Hillel

Messianism in Jewish Literature Beyond the Bible

This article is in honor of Dr. Ellen Goldsmith z’’l, a dear friend, study partner and confidant. One of my special memories from the times Ellen and I spent together, is that of studying the Scripture to learn more about the character and ways of Hashem and Messiah Yeshua through the guidance of the Ruach…

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Response to Rabbi Paul Saal’s “Queer for Jesus”

I would like to commend Rabbi Saal for his willingness to address such a sensitive subject.1 His shepherd’s heart and concern for individuals, as well as for the Messianic Jewish community are evident throughout the paper. This is clearly demonstrated in his relational approach to the topic, and his core premise of marginality and identification.…

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Rejoinder to Rabbi Rich Nichol’s Response Paper

First I would like to acknowledge Rabbi Rich for addressing practical points that I did not develop in the paper. I want to thank him for enlarging upon what I wrote. Rabbi Rich’s response was challenging to me at first. However, after reading and re-reading his response, I began to understand his statements and point…

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A Messianic Jewish View of Divorce

Oceans of ink and forests of trees have given their substance for the plethora of biblical commentaries, books and articles written on the subject of divorce. Yet there is no definitive statement on the subject. Although both Judaism’s and Christianity’s position toward divorce can be traced to the same sources and context – Tanakh and…

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Journey Paper: Dr. Vered Hillel

I want to tell you the story of how I went from being a good conservative Evangelical Christian girl to a Conservative Jewish Believer in Yeshua. I praise HaShem for the journey he has led me on for the past 60 years—the good ones and the bad ones, as together they make me the person…

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