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Posts by Carl Kinbar

The Sages of Galilee and the Formation of Community

It was 135 CE in the Land of Israel. The Temple had been destroyed, the revolt against Rome had failed, and now fear of Roman vengeance drove most Jews out of Judea. They made their way northward, their sages among them, and settled in Galilee and nearby, a region that Jews shared with Samaritans, pagans,…

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Israel, Torah, and the Knowledge of God: Engaging the Jewish Conversation

In his paper “Finding our Way Through nicaea,”2 Mark Kinzer sharpens his previous thoughts about the connection between community and the interpretation of scripture.3 Because Messianic Jews are involved in two communities, that connection affects us in unique ways. Kinzer writes, I am proposing a theological and hermeneutical approach in which we as Messianic Jews…

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