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Editor Russ Resnik is joined by authors Elliot Klayman, Rich Nichol, and Stuart Dauermann, in a lively discussion based on the Kesher 40 three-part article, "Tomorrow Together."
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From the Editor – Issue 17

This issue of Kesher explores the place of the Messianic Jewish Movement in relationship to Judaism and Christianity. Undoubtedly, Messianic congregations are deeply connected on many levels to these reli­gious worlds. In the feature article, "Competing Trends In Messianic Judaism: The Debate Over Evangelicalism," Gabriela Reason highlights both com­monalities and dissimilarities within the Messianic Movement.…

Competing Trends In Messianic Judaism: The Debate Over Evangelicalism

Introduction: What Is Messianic Judaism? Messianic Judaism is a congregational movement consisting of believers who affirm Yeshua haNatzrati to be their Messiah and Savior while maintaining Jewish observance in both theology and practice. It is centered mainly in the United States and, to a lesser extent, in Israel. Worldwide membership of around 100,000 people has…

Defining Messianic Judaism – A Commentary

(Summer 2002, revised March 2004)  Recently I was leafing through the catalog of a major Christian book supplier and came across a section they had termed "Messianic Judaism." There were a few books in this section, but most of its space was given to a nice selection of tallitot and kippot, challah covers and candleholders,…

Book Review

Communicating God’s Word In A Complex World: God’s Truth Or Hocus Pocus?

By Daniel R. Shaw and Charles E. Van Engen Rowman And Littlefield (©2002 Lanham, Md.) Daniel Shaw is Professor of Anthropology and of Bible Translation at the Fuller Theological Seminary School of Intercultural Studies, Pasadena, CA. Son of missionary parents, he grew up in South India and the southern Philippines. With an M.A and Ph.D.…