Issue 29 - Kesher Journal

Issue 29 - Kesher Journal

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The Two Shall Become One Flesh: The Beginning and End of Marriage
Kesher JournalBy Rabbi Russ Resnik Some Pharisees came to Yeshua, and to test him they asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any cause?” He answered, “Have you not read that the one who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one...Read More >>

Response to Rabbi Russ Resnik’s Paper: Boaz Michael
Kesher JournalBy Boaz Michael It was refreshing for me to read through Russ Resnik’s discussion on marriage and to contemplate his perspectives. What was so encouraging was his treatment of the biblical texts – drawing out what I would define as a fairly traditional approach. I felt strengthened to stand on the foundation of Scripture, and I realized that my own views on the subject, not having studied this topic for some time, have relaxed – not...Read More >>

Response to Rabbi Russ Resnik’s Paper: Rabbi Stuart Dauermann
Kesher JournalBy Rabbi Stuart Dauermann As I read it, I very much admired the construction, tone, erudition and quality of Rabbi Resnik’s paper. It was a mature work from a mature man. But I want to share with you some cautionary thoughts, what Rabbi Rich Nichol terms “the water under the ice.” And just as water under the ice may jeopardize the ice on which one is standing, so these concerns may threaten the stability of Rabbi Resnik’s argument and the conclusions we...Read More >>

Rejoinder to Rabbi Stuart Dauermann’s and Boaz Michael’s Response Papers
Kesher JournalBy Rabbi Russ Resnik Rabbi Stuart Dauermann and Boaz Michael have been valued friends of mine for years, and I greatly appreciate them both as thinkers and teachers. So it is an honor to read and learn from their responses to my paper. Before addressing Stuart’s main criticism, namely that my effort to develop a definition of marriage is inherently problematic, I will open with a point of strong agreement. Stuart rightly argues that the “one-flesh” union of man and woman in...Read More >>

A Messianic Jewish View of Divorce
Kesher JournalBy Dr. Vered Hillel Oceans of ink and forests of trees have given their substance for the plethora of biblical commentaries, books and articles written on the subject of divorce. Yet there is no definitive statement on the subject. Although both Judaism’s and Christianity’s position toward divorce can be traced to the same sources and context – Tanakh and the first century debate between Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai – their conclusions are diametrically opposed. In Judaism, a halakhically valid marriage...Read More >>

Response to Dr. Vered Hillel’s Paper: Rabbi Rich Nichol
Kesher JournalBy Rabbi Rich Nichol Dr. Vered Hillel is one of my heroes. Rarely have I encountered a person with the demonstrated erudition, work ethic, heart for people, humility, passion for building the Kingdom of God, and sechel that I experience as we work together together at MJTI. So, it is a great joy for me to respond to her worthy paper on the sensitive subject of divorce in Messianic Jewish context. As I read about the developing interpretive traditions extant in...Read More >>

Rejoinder to Rabbi Rich Nichol’s Response Paper
Kesher JournalBy Dr. Vered Hillel First I would like to acknowledge Rabbi Rich for addressing practical points that I did not develop in the paper. I want to thank him for enlarging upon what I wrote. Rabbi Rich’s response was challenging to me at first. However, after reading and re-reading his response, I began to understand his statements and point of view. Rabbi Rich and I begin from two different perspectives, which leads to different conclusions. Rabbi Rich begins from a pastoral...Read More >>

Journey Paper: Kirk Gliebe
Kesher JournalBy Kirk Gliebe I accepted Yeshua as my Messiah at the age of 15, in Santa Rosa, California.  My parents, who had become believers before I was born, were from intermarried and secular Jewish backgrounds, but had come to faith in Yeshua and were members of a local evangelical church.  Because of their coming to faith, I had the opportunity to hear about the Good News of Yeshua early in my life, although I did not become a believer until my mid-teens...Read More >>

Journey Paper: Rachel Wolf
Kesher JournalBy Rachel Wolf circa 1972 “I’M LOSING MY CHILDREN!!” This agonized cry came from my mother as I sat in the living room. My brother had become a radical SDS activist; I, a Messianic Jew. I think she feared for his life. But with me, it was different; it was as if the universe had suddenly been interrupted; every star and molecule was holding its breath fearful that Newton and Einstein had lost their grip. She stood in the foyer, beside the...Read More >>

Interpreting Conversion: Nineteenth Century Messianic Jewish Leaders in the Struggle for Legitimacy
Kesher JournalBy Iemima Ploscariu The influence of Christianity on the development of Jewish tradition and vice versa is a well debated subject among scholars. Among them are Jewish historians Daniel Boyarin and Israel Yuval who focus on Rabbinic Judaism’s self-construction in reaction and opposition to Christianity.1 However, despite the concession of some scholars of Jewish history to the presence of Jews who believed in Jesus, this small group, which gained momentum in the latter half of the nineteenth century, has been marginalized. Observant...Read More >>

Chosen? Reading the Bible amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Walter Brueggemann
Kesher JournalA review by Rabbi Russell Resnik When I first learned that Walter Brueggemann had written a book opposing Zionism and questioning modern Israel’s claim to the land of Israel, I was troubled. Brueggemann is an outstanding Christian scholar of the Old Testament and a highly credible voice. After I read the book, though, I was a bit relieved, because it’s a rather light piece that evidences a certain unfamiliarity with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict referenced in its subtitle. Of course, Brueggemann’s well-deserved reputation...Read More >>

Jewish Law in Gentile Churches by Markus Brockmuehl
Kesher JournalA Review by Jason Moraff In this collection of essays, Markus Bockmuehl seeks to illuminate how Jewish halakhah undergirds the foundation of what became Christian public ethical discourse. The book is divided into three major sections ordered mostly chronologically, beginning with Yeshua1 himself, then the apostles and early Jesus movement, and then the early patristic period, addressing a logical progression of questions. Part one, “Christianity in the Land of Israel,” contains four chapters that examine “to what extent the Torah and...Read More >>
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