Issue 24 (Summer 2010)

As a journal, Kesher continues to distinguish itself as a platform for some of the best of Messianic Jewish scholarship and theological reflection. This issue is no exception and explores a wide range of topics ranging from theology to halakha. It is a privilege to edit such a journal alongside a talented team of editors. I welcome back Dr. David Rudolph to the Kesher editorial team.

This editorial is brief since I would like to encourage you to subscribe online and tell others about Kesher. The impact of Kesher has been significant in its over ten years of existence. These results have only been possible because of our faithful readers and subscribers. Please take a few moments at this time to go online. Also, consider referring a friend by emailing them the link, Thank you!


Andrew Sparks


Articles and Book Reviews...
Israel, Torah, and the Knowledge of God
Carl KinbarIsrael, Torah, and the Knowledge of God: Engaging the Jewish Conversation1 by Carl Kinbar In his paper “Finding our Way Through nicaea,”2 Mark Kinzer sharpens his previous thoughts about the connection between community and the interpretation of scripture.3 Because Messianic Jews are involved in two communities, that connection affects us in unique ways. Kinzer writes, I am proposing a theological and hermeneutical approach in which we as Messianic Jews take our place as part of the Jewish community...Read More >>

Finding our Way Through Nicaea
Mark KinzerFinding our Way Through Nicaea: The Deity of Yeshua, Bilateral ecclesiology, and redemptive encounter with the Living God1 by Mark s. Kinzer The Question and its importance A few years ago a controversy erupted in the Israeli Messianic Jewish movement over the question, “Is Yeshua God?” some leaders had publicly answered the ques- tion with a definitive “no!” Their refusal to call Yeshua “God” ignited a firestorm. In the eyes of many, these dissenting leaders had denied...Read More >>

Louis Brandeis
Elliot KlaymanThe Life of the First Jewish u.s. supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: exploring “Privacy issues” and Ancestral Cultic Connections by Elliot Klayman Introduction: The Scope In 1890 the Harvard Law Review published an article by samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis, entitled, The Right to Privacy.1 The article was precipitated by the observation and concern that “what is whispered in the closet shall be proclaimed from the housetops.”2 Brandeis and Warren were outraged by the press overstepping its...Read More >>

Halakic Authority in the Life of the Messianic Community
Tsvi SadanFirst of all, I would like to express my thanks to those who have not refrained from making their voice heard in public. I would also like to thank those who refused to allow gossip and rumors to determine their agenda. I am also grateful to all those who were unwilling to let provocations sway their minds from the simple fact that Yeshua never called anyone to shed another people’s blood in the name of some “pure...Read More >>
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