Issue 23 - Fall/Winter 2009

This issue of Kesher does not have a theme, but diverse articles on topics such as the marginality of Messianic Judaism, motifs in the Moses narratives, Gentiles and the liturgy of Judaism, and Second Temple messianism fill out an issue of relevant topics for Messianic Judaism today. Kesher is back from a hiatus and issue 24 will be published in May 2010.

Articles and Book Reviews...
Hesed And Hospitality
Russell ResnikHesed And Hospitality: Embracing Our Place on the Margins Russell Resnik   On a recent Shabbat morning, after the Torah reading, the rabbi opened his d'rash by saying: Judaism is a religion of law. In Judaism, we ask the question, ‘What does the halacha say I should do?' Christianity is different. It likes to ask, ‘What would Jesus do?' But we already know what Jesus would do-he would keep the halacha! We Jews, the rabbi seemed to say, understand Jesus better than do...Read More >>

The Promise
Stuart DauermannLustiger, Jean-Marie Cardinal. The Promise Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2007.   Reviewed by Stuart Dauermann Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger (1926-2007), a child of Polish-born secularized Jewish parents, was raised in Paris, and, with his family, fled to the south of France (Orléans) during WW II. Tragically, his mother returned to Paris to take care of business affairs, was betrayed by her maid and deported to Auschwitz where she was murdered. Lustiger came across a Protestant Bible as a young adolescent, and, in...Read More >>

Yet I Loved Jacob
Stuart DauermannKaminsky, Joel S. Yet I Loved Jacob: Reclaiming the Biblical Concept of Election Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2007.   Reviewed by Stuart Dauermann  Joel Kaminsky is Director of the Program in Jewish Studies at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. He teaches courses on the Hebrew Bible and on ancient Jewish Religion and Literature. Kaminsky believes that the Christian and Jewish communities stand to learn something new about each other and themselves by seeing Scripture through each other's eyes, and through separately and together revisiting...Read More >>

Complexity in Early Jewish Messianism
Joshua BrumbachComplexity in Early Jewish Messianism Joshua Brumbach  "For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have   been made complete, and he is the head over all rule and authority"  (Col 2: 9-10). "Yeshua said to her, ‘I Am the Resurrection and the Life!  Whoever puts [their] trust in me will live, even if [they] die; and everyone living and trusting in me will never die.  Do you believe this?'  She said to him, ‘Yes,...Read More >>

Jewish Christianity Reconsidered
Isaac OliverJackson-McCabe, Matt, ed. Jewish Christianity Reconsidered: Rethinking Ancient Groups and Texts. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007. [DR1]    Reviewed by Isaac Oliver  Scholars have made considerable progress since the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when specialists in ancient Judaism and early Christianity, such as Emil Schürer, referred to the Judaism of Jesus' time as Spätjudentum ("Late Judaism").[1] The use of this term reflected the common Christian belief that ancient Judaism, as a religion consumed by decadence, had been rightly replaced by...Read More >>

Gentile Yeshua-Believers Praying in the Synagogue
Jon C. OlsonGentile Yeshua-Believers Praying in the Synagogue: Why and How  Jon C. Olson  Introduction I have been praying in the synagogue for more than twenty-five years-yet I am not Jewish. This essay explains in both theoretical and practical terms how and why Gentile Yeshua-believers may pray the traditional Jewish liturgy in the company of Jews.  It is with a measure of trepidation that I discuss how Jewish and Gentile believers might worship together, using Jewish forms. First, I have a serious concern about Christian...Read More >>
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