Issue 21 - Summer/Fall 2006

The Summer/Fall 2006 edition of Kesher is a theme issue dedicated to outreach in the context of Messianic Judaism. Some articles focus on the biblical teachings and theology of outreach, while others center on the practical outworking of outreach. All the articles take into account the individual and communal dimensions of outreach and provide insight into the current state of outreach in the Messianic Movement today.

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Abraham, Hospitality Man David Rudolph(This article is based on a message given at the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregation's annual conference in 2006.) On the Jewish calendar, today is Shabbat Chazon, the Sabbath before the 9th of Av. On Shabbat Chazon, it is traditional to reflect on the reasons for the destruction of the two Temples. Why were they destroyed? While various explanations are given in Scripture and tradition, it is notable that tradition traces the Second Temple's destruction back to...Read More >>

Say to the Cities of Judah, Behold your God - The Hebrew Bible, Outreach and Messianic Judaism Jonathan Kaplan Messianic Judaism[1] is currently undergoing a reappraisal of its modes and philosophy of outreach. In some sectors of the movement, traditional paradigms of evangelistic outreach are being reaffirmed.[2] In other sectors new paradigms about the nature of Messianic Judaism and outreach are being developed.[3] This climate of reevaluation provides an opportunity to revisit old biblical texts with fresh eyes to see what they have to offer in terms of our thinking about outreach. In approaching the Hebrew Bible to see what lessons it has to offer about outreach,...Read More >>

Postmissionary Messianic Jewish Outreach Stuart Dauermann Missionary statesman and missiologist Lesslie Newbigin suggests we think of mission as "an action in which the Holy Spirit does new things, and brings into being new obedience."1 This dynamic insight challenges those who name the name of Yeshua to ask what new thing the Holy Spirit is doing today and what new obedience he is seeking to engender in the church, the Messianic Jewish movement, and the Jewish people. These questions are especially pressing considering indications that we are...Read More >>

Outreach and Jewish Missions in the 21st CenturyMitch Glaser The reflections in this paper represent my personal pilgrimage in the wonderful field of traditional Jewish missions. Yes, missions. I believe we might be post certain aspects associated with traditional Jewish missions, but there are still many wonderful things being done for Yeshua by Jewish missions. This would include the planting of Messianic congregations in areas where the current congregational movement is unable to work because of limited personnel and financial resources-New York City, Israel, the former Soviet Union, and Latin America are examples and there are...Read More >>

Outreach In IsraelDaniel C . Juster It would be very interesting to do an objective survey on outreach in Israel with all the proper sociological-statistical controls. To my knowledge, there has been no such survey, only a statistical study on Israeli Messianic Jewish congregations by Kai Kjaer-Hansen that is already quite dated.1 In lieu of such a survey, I will have to depend on personal observations and conversations with leaders and Israelis. My wife, youngest daughter and I make Israel our primary home, although we also maintain a home in the United...Read More >>

Indigenous Expressions of Biblical FaithGavriel Gefen The nation of Israel was originally established having already from the outset a primary destiny and calling to bless and be a light to the nations . This destiny and calling is evident in each of the covenants made with Israel . It is not merely a relic of our past, but a very real living part of our people’s future . Within modern Messianic Judaism, we are beginning to experience a rekindled awareness of this dimension of the restoration of Israel...Read More >>

Messianic Jewish Outreach: Reaching Out Or Reaching In? Joshua Brumbach Messianic Judaism[1] has always been committed to outreach, and it is outreach that is often defined as the primary purpose for the existence of Messianic Jewish congregations and ministries. This heavy emphasis on outreach to fellow Jews, and pooling resources that further this cause, has long been a core value of Jewish believers. Since its inception, the Messianic movement has been committed to continual growth, particularly with the emphasis that this growth will come from Jewish people coming en masse to faith in Yeshua. In recent...Read More >>

Outreach On Long IslandKiel Cooper Being effective in Jewish outreach is not a strategy; it is a lifestyle. Genuine care and concern for others is the foundation for sharing the good news about Messiah. Flipping the Paradigm Nassau County on Long Island is home to about 330,000 Jewish people. The vast majority of those-85 percent or more by some estimates-are not religiously observant. They attend synagogue for High Holy Days and Bar/Bat Mitzvot, but otherwise prefer not to go. Religious observance is not an attraction for this population and yet many of...Read More >>
Articles and Book Reviews
Book Review
Jon Olson (reviewer)2006-11-08 16:54
(Mahwah, N.J.: Paulist Press, 2004. 188 PP.) John W. Miller, professor...Read More >>
Book Review
Jonathan Kaplan and Noel Rabinowitz (reviewers)2006-11-08 16:59
 (Hanover, Nh: Elijah, 2005. 332 PP.) Daniel Gruber's recent work, The...Read More >>
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