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Does Messianic Judaism Have a Part in Rebuilding the Temple?
Hanoch Ben KeshetIntroduction Hashem's wilderness Tabernacle (Mishkan) and later Temple (Mikdash) feature prominently in the Tanakh, and by all accounts the Temple remained a focal point of Yeshua's concern throughout his ministry. Yet Yeshua prophesied the Temple's ruin (Luke 21:6), and its destruction a generation later in CE 70 has been taken by supersessionists to signify the end of any lingering importance. But in Yeshua's account, destruction of the Holy City, which included the Temple, was not a...Read More >>

Paul Employing Leviticus: Same-Sex Intercourse Considered Amongst Torah Commandments
Jon C. OlsonPaul Employing Leviticus:  Same-Sex Intercourse Considered Amongst Torah Commandments   Jon C. Olson   It is sometimes argued that because the New Testament writers set aside circumcision, food laws, Sabbath, biblical purity laws, and welcomed Gentiles, anything in the Old Testament ought to be set aside if unsuitable for the ekklesia.[1] Recently, this argument has been raised with regard to the prohibition of same-sex intercourse in Leviticus.  A seminary professor writes:   We distinguish between a strictly religious taboo and an...Read More >>

The Identity of Jewish Yeshua-Disciples in the State of Israel According to their Written Declaratio
Gershon Nerel   This article focuses on on-line theological texts published on internet web sites belonging to various Messianic congregations and organizations active in Israel. All the texts form part of a "statement of belief," "article of faith" or "vision," the majority being composed in Hebrew, with some in English. These "declarative documents" express an explicit spiritual-ideological identity from which numerous practical implications also derive. In addition to these on-line doctrinal texts, I have examined several statements of faith from the pre-internet era and a...Read More >>
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