From the Editor

Dear Friend,

Greetings in the name of our Messiah.  I am writing to announce to you some new developments with Kesher: a Journal of Messianic Judaism.

First of all, our new website has been launched, and it offers the additional benefits of an online journal.  With an online subscription, you will receive:

  • Access to archives of the last 8 issues (in the future over 10 years of Kesher will be accessible)
  • Hard copies of 2 issues per year
  • An informative blog
  • A way to communicate with leaders and authors in the Messianic Jewish community

So far, our website has had thousands of visits and has a growing membership base.  Visit to subscribe today and join our online community.

For those of you who would like to change your print subscription to an online subscription, please register online and then call our toll-free number for service at 800-692-8652.  Pre-existing print subscribers will be credited an additional year toward an online subscription for every year remaining in a print subscription.

Another new development is this latest edition of Kesher, which is a themed issue dedicated to soteriology in the context of Messianic Judaism.  An issue of Kesher was not sent out during 2007 since this issue on salvation is a double issue (twice the size of a typical issue and combines the 2007 summer and winter issues).  A complete version of this double issue is also posted on our website for online subscribers.

The theme of soteriology is timely, since there are two Messianic events that deal with this issue.  The first is the Borough Park Symposium (October, 2007) and the second is a Theological Forum on Soteriology hosted by the UMJC Theology Committee (March, 2008).  For those who have not been able to attend these events, this issue of Kesher includes a selection of the papers.

The next issue of Kesher will be dedicated to Messianic education and will come out during the fall of 2008.  The face of Messianic education is changing significantly.  Kesher will be addressing the educational issues facing our community and the development of Messianic institutions of learning.

Your subscription choices...

  • Online Subscription - Register online for 1-year subscription (2 issues) @ $18
    (Subscriber receives benefits mentioned above, including hard copy of 2 issues per year)
  • Print Subscription - 2-year subscription (4 issues) @ $28 or 5-year subscription (10 issues) @ $65
  • Multiple Copy Subscriptions - 5 copies of 2-year subscription (4 issues) @ $120.00 or 5-year subscription (10 issues) @ $275.00  --  10 copies of 2-year subscription (4 issues) @ $240.00 or 5-year subscription (10 issues) @ $575.00 [for congregations that order a multiple copy subscription, the leader receives a complimentary online subscription for 1 year]

The Messianic Jewish community continues to grow in the both the United States and across the globe.  Kesher keeps our subscribers up to date with the changing face of Messianic Judaism and what the future may hold for our community. 

Please show your support by either subscribing or renewing.  You can visit our website to subscribe or fill out the following form.  Subscription forms should be mailed to: UMJC-Kesher, 529 Jefferson St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 or call 800.692.8652.


In Messiah's service,

Andrew Sparks, Editor-in-Chief


Andrew Sparks has served the Messianic Jewish community for more than fifteen years in a variety of capacities including as a contributor to a number of publications.  Currently, he is a member of three committees of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and serves as Chief Advancement Officer of Messianic Jewish Theological Institute.  He holds a M.Div. (Westminster Theological Seminary), S.T.M. (Yale University), and is a M.B.A. candidate (Fox School of Business, Temple University). 


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